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Rodney Yee: Advice for Avoiding Yoga Injuries

In the video below, Rodney Yee shares some thoughts and advice on how to avoid injuries while practicing yoga:

QUESTION: What advice would you give to help those practicing yoga avoid injuries? Please share your thoughts in the comments section of this post.

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Foundations in Flow Power Yoga Class

DoYogaWithMe shared the following video with me featuring Fiji McAlpine. The practice starts by warming the body, then progresses into a powerful flow, moving with the fluidity of your breath. The flow then builds sequences from the earth up, while building core strength. The Power yoga class ends by cooling the body with a deep relaxation. The full flow runs approximately 48 minutes in length. Enjoy!

QUESTION: What was the most useful part of this yoga flow for you and why? What did you learn about your yoga practice? Please share your thoughts in the comments section of this post.

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Health Benefits of Yoga

Okay, so I know that there are plenty of you in the world who are not fans of yoga. Either because you tried it once and felt useless at it, or because you’ve seen it done and think it looks silly. There are all kinds of health benefits to doing yoga. Things that could even lessen your need for Aviva Life or other kinds of insurance.

Here are just a few of the health benefits you can gain from yoga.


The postures and poses in yoga require you to have a lot of strength in your core muscles. It is these muscles that you use when you attempt to balance. Balance is one of the fundamental skills in yoga. After a few classes you will noticed you wobble less when you stand on one leg.


You will notice a significant increase in your coordination, because you are exercising muscles and parts of your body that you don’t normally. The use of these will allow you more control over your body, and therefore give you better chance of coordinating your body.

Sleep improves

You will sleep better after yoga, because the breathing exercises etc put you in a peaceful state of mind, that helps you rest.

Attention span

You may even find that your attention span increases. Even in subjects you normally do not care for. This would be especially beneficial at work, when you are required to pay attention.


You’ll be in a better mood when you take up yoga. The exercises are known for decreasing your risk of depression and anxiety. This has a lot to do with the spiritual element, and also because it’s very social.


You will have a lot more confidence in yourself, because your body will change shape and tone up. Also the ability to do something makes you feel better about your abilities.

These are just some of the benefits. Think what else you might gain if you took a class?

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Yoga Training Etiquette

The nature of yoga is intimate especially in many of the smaller classrooms and venues. Whether taught in a group setting or in an intimate teacher to student private, the importance of yoga etiquette cannot be overstated. Among the most common complaints of instructors and students alike, is the presence of cell-phones or other electronic devices. Yoga requires tremendous focus of the mind and body, and such focus is difficult to achieve when one is startled by unnecessary and disruptive noises. Electronic devices are particularly disruptive during meditation periods. Meditation offers yoga students an opportunity to reach into themselves and find a place of peace and reflection. Nothing shatters this peace more quickly than ringtones, beeps, or jingles from cell phones!

yoga training

Poor Hygiene is another common complaint in yoga classes. Yoga opens the senses and heavy perfumes, colognes, or other body odors can be overpowering to other yoga students. While perfumes and colognes may smell wonderful in many settings, a yoga studio isn’t one of them because people are breathing deep and this can affect their practice. One should limit the use of these heavily scented items to after their practice. Deodorant use is certainly welcome of course, but this doesn’t mask other body odors. Remember, feet stench, bad breath, and a host of other offensive body odors make it difficult for others to enjoy their yoga experience. One should also remember to keep one’s yoga mat clean. A dirty, smelly, yoga mat is as offensive as body odor.

Yoga instructors are trained to lead many types of classes, and as such the teacher should be respected. Even if one doesn’t agree with the instructor’s methods, one shouldn’t correct the teacher during the class. A good yoga instructor welcomes feedback, but keep criticism and negative comments until after other students have left. One may think their methods are better than the teacher, but during the actual class is not the time to voice these opinions. The yoga instructor and other students will appreciate the restraint. More importantly it does not disrupt the flow of class for others who may not feel the same as you do.

Yoga clothing should be decent and not revealing. It is offensive to the yoga instructor and other students, especially when one wears clothing that exposes the most intimate body parts. Yoga postures require open and closed leg and arm positions, not to mention headstands and positions that somewhat resemble a pretzel.

Savasana is the last pose and is just as important in yoga as the other postures. Leaving during Savasana is a time of quiet. If one must leave the yoga class earlier, do so prior to Savasana and as quietly as possible. Good yoga etiquette helps everyone feel comfortable and get the most out of their yoga session.

About The Author

Shannon Bradley is an editor at Yoga Training Guide where she supports students interested in taking a yoga teacher training and becoming a yoga instructor. She has been studying and practicing this ancient art for over twelve years and is excited to see how much it has evolved here in the US.

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Semperviva Yoga Vancouver Photo Contest

Semperviva Yoga Vancouver is currently running a photo contest via Facebook. You are asked to submit a photo that:

“…depicts how happy yoga makes you feel. The photo can be of you in your favourite pose, in your favourite place, alone, or with friends and family. Your friends will be able to vote on your submission.”

The prize submission will be featured on their “spring/summer Semperviva schedule” and the winning entrant will receive “three months of unlimited Yoga, valued at over $320.00″. The contest ends March 28, 2012.

My friend Miya Gu has submitted a beautiful photograph depicting how happy yoga makes her feel. Take a minute to view and vote for her submission. To find out more about the contest, please visit the Semperviva Yoga Vancouver homepage or the Semperviva Yoga Facebook page.

Namaste :)

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